Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Project Surveyor Job in Abu Dhabi in Fugro Survey Ltd

Job Title: Project Surveyor
Employer: Fugro Survey (Middle East) Ltd (“FSME”)
Duty Station: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Application Deadline: 30th March 2014
Job Description:
Job Requirements
Basic Function
The Project Surveyor -Construction performs all office and field related construction survey assignments as defined by the Construction Survey Manager. The role in projects may also be defined as Party Chief and in some cases Project Manager. The position commands a responsibility and necessity to set example. Initiative is a pre requisite part in the role of all duties whether in the lead or supportive role.

1. Primary Duties and Responsibilities
1.1 Operations

a) Work within the project team and assist in finding the most competent and economic solutions.

b) Work with the client and provide confidence in our methodology and overcome any client concerns.

c) Define accuracy required by engineering and keep engineering aware of positioning limitations.

d) Provide innovate solutions where required.

e) Be aware of the latest technology and how to use it with respect to the projects in hand.

f) Plan overall survey methodology and produce procedures. These documents are to be reviewed and approved by project and client.

g) Check and review engineering documents written by internal engineering or other contractors.

h) Attend all risk assessments, course hazards, safety reviews.

i) Attend engineering meetings and project installation meetings.

j) Order all survey equipment for the project.

k) Work with ROV to ensure suitable equipment and task selection.

l) Assist in developments and implement new in-house ideas.

m) Work with survey HR to ensure the correct survey personnel are available for the project.

n) Review As-built data, check final reports and complete review cycle.

o) Ensure correct data formats are provided to client.

p) Input positional data into project As-Built Dossier.

q) Review all costing and overall surveys spend on project.

r) Attend end of project debrief summarizing lessons learned from a survey perspective.

1.2 Financial

a) Is either responsible for or assist the Party Chief, Project Manager and / or Operations Co-ordinator in maintaining expense accounting in the field.
b) Account for own project and business related expenditure.

1.3 Administration
a) If applicable check and approve all field administrative reporting.
b) Is responsible for and / or assists with maintenance of field survey administration and field filing system in accordance with work practices.
c) Ensure time spent on projects is properly accounted for.
d) Is responsible for and / or assist with field related expenditure reporting.
1.4 Specific Additional Duties
a) Actively participate in adherence to and improvement of the company Management System on Quality and HSE related issues.
2. Principal Working Relationships
a) If applicable work with superior field staff to ensure projects are completed to clients specifications.
b) Meet with Project Manager for project debrief.
c) Meet with Operations Manager for selected project debriefs.
d) Meet with Operations Manager for Staff Development Interviews and if applicable personal Performance Appraisal discussion.
e) Meet with HSE/QA/HR Manager for QA discussions, feedback, and training.

position requirements
a) Minimum 5 years related surveying experience with preferred B.Sc. or Diploma qualification.
b) Conversant with computer operation and a basic knowledge of application software.
c) English language.
How to Apply:
Send CV to: E-mail: jobs@fugro-uae.com