Sunday, 12 January 2014

Senior Staff at Al Handal International Group in Dubai

Job Title: Senior Staff

Organisation: Al Handal International Group

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • Recognize the importance of information and records management to your agency
  • Endorse records management policies and procedures and direct staff to follow them
  • Allocate roles and responsibilities for records management to agency staff and ensure that staff understand them
  • Make sure staff are fully trained and aware of current records management issues
  • Provide appropriate resources – this includes sufficient numbers of skilled people and appropriate information management infrastructure within their agency to ensure work can be performed effectively
  • Seek and act on the advice of those skilled people when required
  • Foster and maintain working partnerships among senior managers, information and records managers and information and communication technology staff to develop, review and implement systems that support creating and managing authentic and reliable records.
  • Include assessing records management in any testing regimes.
  • Incorporate records management capabilities into selection criteria for new staff or use them to guide training and development plans for existing staff.
  • Encourage staff to undertake relevant training in areas

How to Apply:

Internal Auditor Interested candidates are requested to send their updated CV to Email:

Deadline: 11th February 2014