Thursday, 6 March 2014

Transportation Manager jobs at Zebian Aluminium in Dubai

Job Title: Transportation Manager

Organisation: Zebian Aluminium

Location :  Sharjah, , United Arab Emirates

Transportation Manager For a leading industrial company in Sharjah with 5-10 years experience in the same field

Roles and duties:

Direct activities related to dispatching, routing, and tracking transportation vehicles, such as aircraft and railroad cars.
Plan, organize and manage the work of subordinate staff to ensure that the work is accomplished in a manner consistent with organizational requirements.
Direct investigations to verify and resolve customer or shipper complaints.
Serve as contact persons for all workers within assigned territories.
Implement schedule and policy changes.
Collaborate with other managers and staff members in order to formulate and implement policies, procedures, goals, and objectives.
Monitor operations to ensure that staff members comply with administrative policies and procedures, safety rules, union contracts, and government regulations.
Promote safe work activities by conducting safety audits, attending company safety meetings, and meeting with individual staff members.
Develop criteria, application instructions, procedural manuals, and contracts for federal and state public transportation programs.

How to apply:
Please Email CV to:

Closing Date: 2nd April 2014