Thursday, 6 March 2014

Careers in Dubai at Scalla Contracting Company - House Officer

Job Title: House Officer

Organisation: Scalla Contracting Company

Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Job Description:

Roles and duties:

Performs medical examinations of in and out-patients; diagnoses and makes prognoses; makes daily ward rounds; writes and maintains up-to-date case records and makes necessary medical reports.
Prescribes medical treatment based on medical examinations and diagnosis.
Refers patients to professional superiors for more detailed attention, as may appear necessary.
Examines government employees and other categories of persons in accordance
Performs post-mortem examinations
Participates in immunization procedures against infection or communicable diseases as directed and implement other preventive procedures outlined for the protection and promotion of public health.
Undertakes medio-legal duties as may be reasonably required with specialist advice if necessary.
Provides medical attention to armed forces personnel and their families, policemen, firemen and the staff of inmates of detention institutions.
Performs related work as may be required

How to apply:
To apply, send your CV to
Applications without reference (13125) will not be considered.

Closing Date: 02nd April 2014