Saturday, 8 March 2014

General Helpers jobs in Dubai at Binkhuwaidim Tech Works

Job Title: General Helpers

Organisation: Binkhuwaidim Tech Works LLC

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Roles and duties:

Start up and stop equipment.
Assist with production line in factories.
Clean production area.
Sweep, mop, and remove debris.
Load and unload items from machines, carts, and dollies.
Feed or place items onto equipment for processing.
Lubricate equipment.
Measure and pour ingredients.
Ensure conformance to specifications.
Turn valves to regulate flow of liquids or gas.
Mix ingredients.
Pull damaged or ineffective equipment off the line.
Mark parts for identification.
Measure length of extruded article.

How to apply:
Company- Binkhuwaidim Tech Works LLC
Cell- 00971507861719 to apply

Closing Date: 1st April 2014