Monday, 23 December 2013

IT Engineer Jobs at Misk Electronics Dubai

Job Title: IT Engineer

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Organisation: Misk Electronics

  • Dimensioning, sizing configuration, installation of servers hardware for services like web, mail, domain name system (DNS/DNSSEC), chat, FTP, proxies, storage, clustering, billing, in-house applications, etc.

  • Installation of OS and required service packages: both open source and proprietary.
  • Updating and maintaining OS and software to the latest releases, patches, etc.
  • Implement security tools and practices across servers and applications/services.
  • Implementation, operaton and management of services like web, mail, DNS, billing, etc.
  • Ensure configurations and data backup of services and implement recovery from disaster.
  • Provide consultancy and design customized services according to the needs of customers and market services offering.
  • Assist in the operation and maintenance of BT’s LAN/WAN and its services.
  • Function as wholesome Systems Administrator independently or under supervision.
  • Record servers and services/applications logs and analyze them.
  • Provide 3rd level support services related to web, mail, DNS, etc. and coordinate with level 2 and 4 support.

How to Apply:

Please email CV to:

Deadline: 10 January 2014